Ubutumwa Welcome To SmartRwanda!

SmartRwanda Mobile Messaging

Bringing you SmartRwanda SMS Bonus gate, a convenient way to send free text messages to Rwanda, Burundi, and Uganda. Now available on your smartphone and handheld devices!

Chellenge Yourself

Invite your friends to any of the available quizes and exams. You can participate in a virtual classroom or do everything on your own. Maximize your points on the challenge exams to reach our weekly hall of fame!

SmartRwanda Virtual School

Join our student community to benefit from different courses and exams prepared by our dedicated instructors. Choose your preferred topics, practice with our free exams whenever you are. Challenge your friends with completed quizes!

Parent/Teacher's portal

SmartRwanda Virtual School allows parents and teachers to prepare online courses and exams that they may administer as they please. Create a teacher's account and start creating/scheduling exams for your students at SmartRwanda. Help our community grow smarter by contributing your knowledge and methodology!

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